99¢ Kindle eBooks!

Get your copy today of The Early Church, which is part of the “I Will Build” Biography Series (The Other Reformers and The Dispensationalists, forthcoming titles of this series). A lot of information on the eBook can be found in my Biographies section, though there is additional material found only on the Kindle book. Simply go to this link and purchase the eBook today!

The Early Church BOOK PIC

For those interested in Virginia history, my book entitled A Brief History of Virginia is also available for only 99 cents. Click on the picture below for the link:

Wiley final reduced

In my most recent book, The Other Reformers: A Devotional History of the Anabaptists and Early Baptists, I produced an accessible story that observed several important figures from both the Anabaptists and Baptists. Click on the cover art to connect with the link to Amazon.com:

The Other Reformers PIC

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