Sermon on the Ten Commandments (#9): “You Shall Not Bear False Witness”


  • “True and False Witnesses”
  1. (Matthew 15:19-20a) A False Witness Destroys Lives
    • (Explanation) If you notice, these kinds of sins affect others, except for that first one. So speaking lies can have a devastating affect to not only yourself, but others too. Where do lies come from? The heart. And the heart is extremely powerful, so much that we can cook up feelings of hatred toward others, even to the point of destroying lives by speaking falsely about them.
    • (Illustration) Ray Lewis – What if the witnesses at the scene were Giants fans or enemies to Lewis? Witnesses can either tell the truth to defend a person’s innocence, or lie to take advantage of them.
  2. (Proverbs 14:25) A True Witness Saves Lives
    • (Explanation) Can you mame some jobs that involve saving lives: firemen, doctors, paramedics, military, etc. Here, the Bible teaches us that speaking the truth can save lives.
    • (Application) Ways that speaking the truth can save lives: (1) Sharing the Gospel (2) Confronting sin (3) Encouraging the depressed. Whatever the case, speaking the truth is always an honorable thing.
  3. (John 18:33-40) A False Witness Killed Jesus
    • (Explanation) For everyone who has ever been falsely accused of doing wrong, Jesus is the greatest example. This government ruler, Pilate, questions Jesus to see why in the world people want Him executed. The only reason is that people hate the fact that He calls Himself a King; it’s a ridiculous trial! Now, in those days, the people would celebrate a holiday called Passover – at that time, the people could release one prisoner. This time it could be either Jesus or a criminal named Barabbas. They released the guilty man and convicted the innocent man. Think about this: perhaps this is a picture of all of us. We’re all the rightful criminals against God, and yet we are released from the penalty of our sin because Jesus died in our place on the cross. A false witness got Jesus killed and we’re all responsible. But look at what’s next: A true witness not only died for us, but saved our lives.
    • (Illustration) Katniss & Prim – Katniss took the place of Prim that surely would’ve led to the little girl’s death.
    • (Application) What makes the story of the Gospel even greater is that Jesus didn’t die for just the cute, “innocent” 12-year olds, but the evil thieves and criminals.
  4. (1 John 2:1-2) A True Witness Saved Our Lives
    • (Explanation) God’s desire for us is that we would not sin; but when we do sin, we don’t look to Jesus as our judge in the courtroom but as our lawyer.
    • (Illustration) Driving in a car when you’re speeding, you see a police car on the shoulder – you get fined, he pays for the ticket, all you have to do is sign.
  • Conclusion:
    • Telling the truth is important because it shows love, rather than hatred, towards others.
    • The truth about Jesus, that He is either your judge or advocate, is probably the most important thing to ever think about.

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