Sermon on the Ten Commandments (#7): “You Shall Not Commit Adultery”


  • 3 Questions to Ask About Adultery
  1. (Genesis 2:18-25 & 3:7-8) Why Is Adultery So Serious?
    • (Explanation) Okay, so we’re backtracking all the way to the creation of the world where God created Adam, but He announces that this isn’t good. So he makes someone who will be a perfect wife for him, and while sleeping, Adam has emergency surgery and God forms a woman. He wakes up, looks across from him and says, “Whoa man.” In verse 24, we see that God has a pattern for a man and a woman: leave father and mother, and join together in marriage. And so they really had a perfect marriage for a little while. But then, what happened in chapter 3? The very first sin involved a marriage: Adam didn’t show protective leadership for his wife, and Eve and herself was deceived too. Look at verses 7-8 though; their sin caused a shame between one another and between themselves and God. And so, they couldn’t completely trust one another any more.
    • It destroys trust with the person you are closest to.
  2. (Hosea 2:7) What Are The Consequences of Adultery?
    • (Explanation) Don’t know if you’ve ever gone through the book of Hosea, but in this book, there’s a strange story happening. {Have student imitate Hosea} God spoke to his prophet Hosea, and told him that his wife was going to commit adultery against him. But God told Hosea to stay committed to his wife, even though she would be completely unfaithful. And so through the life of Hosea, God is teaching all of us that we’re like Hosea’s wife, Gomer. We’re often unfaithful to God; we often are swept away by sin and idols like a woman betrays her husband. But what happens to us when we’re unfaithful to God? Look at the end of verse 7: we realize that a life committed to God is much better than the way we’ve been living. We are left empty and in despair. You ever feel that way?
    • It deceives you into emptiness and despair. But is there any hope for an adulterer?
  3. (Matthew 5:27-28) How Do I Know If I Am Committing Adultery?
    • (Explanation) You know, it’s easy to follow the 7th commandment if all that matters whether or not we cross a line we design ourselves. When does adultery occur, say, for a man who cheats on his wife? Is it on a date? Is it in the secret “love” letters? Is it when he’s in her home alone, or further? Jesus says that it’s even before any of those actions are taken: adultery starts in the heart.
    • It is not about crossing a man-made line but causing lust.
  • Conclusion: We’ve probably all broken this commandment to some degree. So, we’re all equally guilty before God – what’s done is done and we can’t reverse it. However, the only hope that we could ever have a relationship to God is only possible because of the grace of God. Jesus didn’t die for the your sins, he died for those who have cheated on spouses, who have been unfaithful to God all of their lives, etc. God’s grace covers all. I don’t know where you stand on this commandment, whether you’ve been physically immoral or whether you’ve simply broken this commandment in your heart. Wherever you stand, I want you remember the grace that God offers. So that if we break the 7th commandment, we would repent of our disobedience and find forgiveness in what Jesus has done for you through the cross and His resurrection.

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