Sermon on the Ten Commandments (#6): “You Shall Not Murder”


Series Introduction: When I served as a youth pastor, I taught a series on the Ten Commandments. The applications were geared towards teenagers. These sermons were essentially my sermon notes and will hopefully help you in your studies, though I’m sure if I were to preach these again, there are some things I would change. Enjoy!

  •  Introduction:
    • Kiyoshiro Yamamoto could get 67 years in prison if convicted of smuggling and selling meat from endangered Sei whales at the now-defunct Hump restaurant in Santa Monica….[One person commented on that website article] “Isn’t that ridiculous! I can get less for killing someone!!!!!” [A person responded to that comment and said,] “There is an unlimited supply of you.” [4 people “liked” that response]
  • Questions:
    • Are men and women a special creation, or are they on the same level of importance as animals?
    • When does life begin?
    • What is at the heart of this 6th commandment? Is it more than just a command to keep yourself from killing people?
  • Proposition/Topic: 3 Topics About “You Shall Not Murder”
  1. [Genesis 9:6-7] Murder Is An Assault On the Image of God
    • (Explanation) What this really shows is that men and women are God’s most special creation, and to destroy a life is to destroy someone made in the “image of God.” [1] Signature on a painting. [2] Think of a how a mirror reflects a picture of you. So, if you murder someone you are murdering a person creation to be a reflection/mirror of God Himself. Therefore, murder doesn’t just affect others; it affects God also.
    • (Illustration) List of most valuable possessions…What are some of your most valuable possessions? {cell phone/wedding ring/laptop/people are much more important}
    • (Application) People are not only important and valuable to God, but they are important and valuable to us as well.
  2. [Psalm 139:13-16] Murder Can Start In A Mother’s Womb
    • (Explanation) When it comes to the issue of murder, we need to know what defines someone as a person and when life begins. According to the Bible, God is carefully involved in forming each child in a mother’s womb. And so, the popular topic in our day is about two options we have on human life: pro-life or pro-choice. What are the reasons someone would be pro-choice? Compare those reasons with what Scripture teaches about the beginning of life, the importance of human life, etc.
    • (Illustration) Duck, Duck, Goose. Do you all have any control over whether you’re called a duck or a goose? You never had a chance to make that choice; I made it for you. So it is with abortion.
    • (Application) So what does this all mean for us? What if a friend of yours got pregnant – teenager, before marriage? Let’s say they come up to you and ask, “Should I have an abortion?” [1] It is against God’s commands [2] Your baby is a human being created in the image of God, he/she is valuable.
  3. [Matthew 5:21-22] Murder Doesn’t Always Involve A Knife or Gun
    • (Explanation) Wow, those are some strong words. What this means for us is that a lot of us have broken the 6th Sure, we’re not convicted criminals, but we have committed sins that are just as wrong in the sight of a perfectly holy God. So, we can’t look at murderers and say, “At least I’ve never been as low as you” because Jesus says that even hatred against another person is just as evil. That’s a little scary for me.

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