Sermon on the Ten Commandments (#2): “You Shall Not Make For Yourself Any Carved Images”


Series Introduction: When I served as a youth pastor, I taught a series on the Ten Commandments. The applications were geared towards teenagers. These sermons were essentially my sermon notes and will hopefully help you in your studies, though I’m sure if I were to preach these again, there are some things I would change. Enjoy!

  • Proposition: How do we “make carved images” for ourselves today?
  • Transition: There’s a couple of ways, but we’ll see that it has a more to do than a matter of carving things from wood.
  1. We Worship An Incorrect God (Exodus 2:4-6)
    • (Explanation) We probably aren’t tempted to go out, buy some wood and a decent carving knife, and then make little icons of God. Because, after all, the people of Israel were surrounded by other people who had gods that could be touched and you could see them. Why is that a big deal? Because people are more comfortable with a god they can see, touch, and have some control over. On the other hand, if we come to realize that God is a lot bigger than a totem pole, that He is able to whatever He pleases, and that we’re held accountable to God for how we live, that scares us! So what do we do? We start making up in our minds how we think God should be like, instead of looking into His Word and drawing out truths [Ex: Heaven & Hell]. WWJD compared to WHJD.
    • (Argumentation) John 4:24
  2. We Worship the Correct God…Incorrectly (Amos 5:21-24)
    • (Explanation) The problem wasn’t that their songs were bad, or that their offerings were poor quality, the issue was their heart attitude. They would come to their place of public worship, and they would have this incredible “appearance” of being sold-out followers of God, but when you would take a look at their lives outside of what was kind of like their “church services,” they were completely different people. It was Bi-polar spirituality: when it was time to be religious they put on a good show, but at other times they were completely different. What can you do if you are caught up in the problem of knowing and believing in the right God, but you don’t care to worship Him?
    • (Argumentation) Romans 12:1-2…That verse is talking all about our lives being submitted to God for worship. What’s the remedy? First, to submit ourselves to God, but especially this, “renewing your mind.”
    • (Application) 3 Ways to Renew Your Mind: [1] Scripture Reading [2] Scripture Memorization [3] Meditation: Thinking on what you know about God. You see, the mind is a very powerful part of your soul, and when you live your everyday life, your mind encounters all kinds of things – both lies and truths.
    • (Illustration) For example, someone sins against you, or you are diagnosed with a health problem, or you go through a tough break-up in a relationship, and the question pops into your mind, “Does God really love me?” “Did God mess up this time when he allowed this to happen?” And slowly we start to lose that passion for God because we get discouraged and confused. We mouth the lyrics, and might fake a smile, but our hearts just aren’t there in public worship, and so our private worship is no different either.
    • (RE-Application) 3 Ways to Renew Your Mind
  • Solution to the 2nd Commandment: (Colossians 1:15-16)
    • Jesus is our image we look to.

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