Presidential Election Scorecard

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As most people know, this 2016 election race has been extraordinary. In the state of Virginia (where I live), there are five people that will be listed on the ballot for president. I have created a “scorecard” to help me, as well as my American Government students and others, try to figure out where each candidate stands on the important issues. You can download a Microsoft Word file by clicking this link. Also, the scorecard has been pasted to this blog post below (though the formatting may not be as clear). Despite two presidential debates, and one VP debate, so many of the policies have not been clearly articulated. Please use this scorecard to help you better understand the candidates and the issues.

Presidential Election Scorecard

Childcare & Education

Economic Policies Foreign


Health-care Abortion (Pro-Life/Choice) Military Views Personal Liberties Elect-ability


(out of 80 pts.)

Hillary Clinton

Gary Johnson
Evan McMullin
Jill Stein

Donald Trump


  • Instructions: You are required to research each of these five candidates, and look up their personal views from their websites on these government-related topics. You will then grade these candidates on a scale of 0-10 on each topic. The scores are based on your opinions of each candidate’s views, with the score of “0” meaning that you greatly disagree and the score of “10” that you greatly agree. Tally up your scores to see which candidate received your highest score.
  • Websites (candidates are listed in alphabetical order):

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