World Geography Materials

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***Note: this material is available for educational purposes only. It would also be important to note that the material is presented from a Christian worldview, though other ideologies are presented for understanding as well. Due to the importance of keeping content appropriate for high school students that I teach, I have denoted a few symbols, and have done my best to be accurate on skipping/muting specific portions of videos (sk = skip; M = mute). Also, it should be noted that I am constantly updating material. Otherwise, please download and enjoy the content.***


Introduction to World Geography


Sub-Divisions of Geography

Geology and Climatology

Industrial Geography

Human Geography

The Middle East


Europe & Russia


Latin America

Australian & Pacific Realms (plus the Last Frontiers)

North America


2 thoughts on “World Geography Materials

  1. These are awesome! Amazing work. Haven’t gotten to look at all of them, but i checked out the Asia one because I was curious as to how you grouped them (and I liked it.) A few bones to pick though: the 9/11 hijackers were not from the Taliban, but were from al-Qaeda, which is a terrorist organization that Bin Laden unfortunately formed out of the remnants of the Mujahideen you mentioned (which actually means, one who performs Jihad). Al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan and likely harbored by the Taliban, but also Pakistan and other surrounding countries. Most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, a US ally.

    Also, Hong Kong is not it’s own country; it’s considered a “Special Administrative Region” of China, so it’s still part of China (unfortunately, in my opinion). HK operates its own legal system and is supposed to have civil rights and freedoms of speech, press, religion, etc,; but does not have its own military or foreign policy as it’s part of China.

    • Thanks Angela! I had thrown so much of this together quickly last year, so it definitely needs updating and correcting–especially the 9/11 mistake. This is such a fun class to teach and am always on the lookout for important issues around the world (which is why I listen to NPR every day to and from work!). I’ve had the privilege of teaching several students from China, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Iraq in just a couple years of teaching, but I’ve got so much to learn still–I’m really just a beginner in this field, but have tried to get acquainted with it as best as I have been able to. Any recommended online resources about Asia or other places that you’ve visited?

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