World History Materials

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***Note: this material is available for educational purposes only. It would also be important to note that the material is presented from a Christian worldview, though other ideologies are presented for understanding as well. Due to the importance of keeping content appropriate for high school students that I teach, I have denoted a few symbols, and have done my best to be accurate on skipping/muting specific portions of videos (sk = skip; M = mute). Also, it should be noted that I am constantly updating material. Otherwise, please download and enjoy the content.***

World History Syllabus

Ancient World History




Roman Republic

Roman Empire

The Early Church

The Early Middle Ages

The Middle Ages

History of Asia (Overview)

History of Africa (Overview)

The Renaissance

The Age of Discovery

Forerunners of the Reformation

The Reformation

The Age of Reason & Spiritual Awakenings

The Revolutions (American, French, and Industrial)

Expansion & Evangelism

World War I

Europe Between Two World Wars

World War II

The Cold War

Modern World History


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