U.S. History Materials

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***Note: this material is available for educational purposes only. It would also be important to note that the material is presented from a Christian worldview, though other ideologies are presented for understanding as well. Due to the importance of keeping content appropriate for high school students that I teach, I have denoted a few symbols, and have done my best to be accurate on skipping/muting specific portions of videos (sk = skip; M = mute). Also, it should be noted that I am constantly updating material. Otherwise, please download and enjoy the content.***

U.S. History Syllabus and Digital Textbook

Introduction & Early Discovery

Colonial America

The Great Awakening & French and Indian War

The American Revolution

The Constitution & Federalist Era

The American West (and Other Stories)

The Antebellum Era (The Texas Revolution, Texas and Oregon, The U.S.-Mexican War, and Slavery & Secession)

The Civil War & Reconstruction

The Late 1800’s (Railroads & the West and the Gilded Age)

The Progressive Era (Late 1800’s Politics & Foreign Policies and The Progressive Era)

World War I

The 20’s and 30’s

World War II

The Cold War Era

Modern U.S. History


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