Resource Review: “Charts for Intermediate Greek Grammar and Syntax”


Like many college students studying Greek, I frequently studied the language with charts. The one I used corresponded to Bill Mounce’s basic Greek textbook, and it served me well. When I found out that there was going to be a laminated chart that corresponded to the book, Going Deeper With New Testament Greek, by Andreas Kostenberger, Benjamin Merkle, and Robert Plummer, I was intrigued, but a little skeptical about how useful it might be. Whereas basic Greek involves a lot of memorization of rules, what is great about intermediate Greek is that it tends to focus more on biblical exegesis–which is a lot more enjoyable. Therefore, I was not sure how practical it would be to have charts for intermediate Greek. Alas, I was pleasantly surprised by this new resource.

When I think of Greek charts, I have parsing rules that come to mind (and like a good reader of Bill Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek, almost everything revolves around the λυω–hey, it helps). The charts for Going Deeper With New Testament Greek, however, are better defined as “lists.” There are charts/lists for textual criticism, different cases, the use of articles, adjectives, voices, moods, verbs, participles, infinitives, pronouns, prepositional phrases, conjunctions, and word studies. It total, there are 6 pages, but it folds together in the size of one large page. I can really see how this resource can be helpful for pastors and teachers who are studying a passage to preach or teach. It can easily be kept at a desk or bookshelf (it’s very thin) so that, when reading through a passage, the interpreter can easily consult a particular chart when stumped (or just verifying the meaning). For those that own the hard-copy, full length textbook, I do think having these charts can be helpful. It doesn’t add any new material, but should be thought of as a resource most applicable for quick referencing or to practice memorizing. I think it will be handy to me as I study the New Testament, and will continue to put it to good use.


***Special thanks to B&H Publishing for providing this resource as a review copy. All opinions were my own.***


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