Book Review: “To Live is Christ To Die is Gain” by Matt Chandler


I wish I would have been able to have read this book a year ago. The reason being is that I taught through the book of Philippians in my youth ministry and I have found Chandler’s book to be tremendously beneficial. Here is a rather concise but hopefully sufficient summary and review.

As implied above, To Live is Christ To Die is Gain is a study on the book of Philippians. If there’s any way to describe it, perhaps this would work best: it is as if you are having a one-on-one conversation with Matt Chandler as you study the book of Philippians together. It’s written in a very informal, personal way, but I would say that he gets to the very core of what Paul says in the chapters of his epistle. Some might call it a “devotional” of sorts, and I don’t see why that can’t work, but overall I would foresee this book that will be well-received by youth, young adults, and even some older folks. One thing to note is that since it is very informal, it could potentially be assumed by some readers (particularly ones who are unfamiliar with the author) that Chandler isn’t being serious enough. I’m not saying that’s a correct attitude to have, and I certainly think the tone was still very reverent, I’m just trying to keep in mind some possible reactions. But overall, I very much enjoyed and was blessed by reading To Live is Christ To Die is Gain. What it really seemed to aim for was a push for all Christians to forward into maturity, and I believe it accomplished its goal in me.


***I was given this book as a review copy by Net Galley. All thoughts were my own and was not compelled to write a positive review, but was simply writing my opinions.


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