The Gospel Project (Now Available in ESV)


One of my favorite Bible translations is the ESV (English Standard Version). As I logged in to my Twitter account, I noticed that “The Gospel Project” had announced the partnership with incorporating the ESV text. I haven’t used TGP yet, but from what I’ve been able to observe, it is a very solid curriculum that is both professional in appearance and biblical in content. As a Youth Pastor, I consider it of utmost importance to teach effectively, applicably, and biblically. Studying the Bible is not just a personal endeavor but an exercise for the ecclesiastical community. While I’m not always too thrilled by curriculum choices, I do indeed like what I’ve seen from The Gospel Project.

Perhaps you are a Youth Pastor/Minister, Sunday School teacher, Senior Pastor, etc. looking for a good curriculum to start up in the fall, it would be worthwhile to consider “The Gospel Project” in my opinion.

Here’s a link for a free sample download:



2 thoughts on “The Gospel Project (Now Available in ESV)

    • Awesome! It looks like The Gospel Project is going to be my Fall Sunday School series! I sent an email to your “gmail” address (I got it from my WordPress Dashboard)…If that was not the correct one, then plan b would be to send it to my church’s address as I’m the Youth Pastor: John Wiley, 9042 US Highway 311, Archdale, NC 27263. The one I sent in the email was my personal address, thanks!

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