Children’s Ministry Curriculum – Teacher Training

Today, I was able to oversee a teacher-training seminar at my church – what a privilege! I had a few years of experience in high school from working with Children’s Bible Ministries, and most of my material was copied or adapted from my time serving with that organization. The PowerPoint and Leader’s Manual are available for a free download. I would say a good opportunity to utilize these resources would be for Child Evangelism Fellowship/Children’s Bible Ministries-like programs called “Good News Clubs”/”Backyard Bible Clubs”/”5-day Clubs.” To be clear, this curriculum is intended for training leaders in teaching the Bible to children, including Bible stories, Bible memory verses, songs, and games. If you work in Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, AWANA, or some other Children’s ministry program, then perhaps these resources could help. Note, however, that the material is mostly an “outline,” so it’s intended to provide the teacher with plenty of freedom on the methods incorporated for children’s ministry. God bless!

Click Here to Download the “TEACH!” PowerPoint

Click Here to Download the “TEACH!” Leaders Manual


6 thoughts on “Children’s Ministry Curriculum – Teacher Training

  1. Hello, your blog came up through a google search. What I am searching for is a curriculum that could be adapted to use in teaching our children this summer in a program we call City Project Kids! Our church does a City Project week were the adult take off work and spend the day restoring homes in our community, showing mercy and giving compassion, simply put, living the gospel in action and in word. I am currently trying to develelp a program for the children with many elements of a VBS but geared toward Mercy Ministry. I have several projects lined up for the kids to wrok on but am looking for a teaching curriculum that could be adapted and used each day for a Bible lesson time and application. With your experience in working with Children’s Ministry and you seem to have a good idea as to what is out there, do you have any suggestions for me? I appreciate your time and any feedback you can give. Heidi Shafer

    • Hello Heidi! That sounds like an exciting summer program, hope that God uses your efforts in a mighty way.

      While in high school, I worked with “Children’s Bible Ministries” for three summers and we used a curriculum developed by “CEF [Child Evangelism Fellowship] Press” for teaching. Let me be straightforward and say that these teaching booklets are pretty “old school.” Here’s a website: Look up the “topical lessons” under the “categories” section on the left side of the page…They would teach through topical Bible lessons from Scripture over a period of 5 days. As long as the teacher knew the story well and could communicate effectively, this worked pretty well despite being sort of old fashioned in appearance.

      Another possibility that I could think of is that you use a VBS program on scene of wherever you are going. I don’t know what your views on creation/evolution are, but “Answers in Genesis” (very strong on 6-day literal Creationism) usually puts out some really good and much deeper material than other programs ( is a website for this year’s program, 2014 is announced here:

      This is a personal preference, but I think “Group” Publishing is overwhelmingly shallow, they produced something this year called “Kingdom Rock.” However, I do like what Lifeway has done with some curriculum recently, for Sunday School I use a curriculum called “The Gospel Project.” I haven’t used Lifeway’s VBS materials, but I would assume it’s pretty solid.

      If you’re teaching basic children’s lessons about the basics of Christ and the Gospel, then some of the things mentioned above should hopefully help. I’ll have to be honest and say that very little is produced for child evangelism as VBS has taken up the time and energy for a lot of publishers – usually VBS is at the church building rather than in the community too. So, it does bring some challenges. There’s probably no “easy” way to do children’s evangelism in teaching, but if you simply explain and apply the passages of Scripture, then God can do great things in children!

      • Thank you for your thoughtful and very informative reply. All your suggestions I plan to research. I have taken a look at the CEF website and really like their 5 lesson teaching series. I even browsed through the missions teaching material and winder if taking a missionary this week like Cory tenboom may be a great way to learn about the character of God through the testimony of a missionaries life. Answers in Genesis I had heard great things about. We would agree with the 6 day literal creation argument as supported in Scripture. Ill take a look at that as well.

        This week long program will include elements of a vbs (Bible lesson, music, etc) but will also include mercy ministry. Going to local assisted living facilities to minister to the residents, making cards and plant boxes for our church shut ins, and one day of park trash clean up. Over the past three summers we have done the Gospel light vbs but because we are a smaller church with 4 big VBS programs that run the same weeks and do the same program we are looking at focusing our children’s Discipleship and outreach in a different direction. This is where picking a curriculum is a little difficult. Do I look for lessons from Scripture that highlight mercy ministry or life of Christ or? ?? I do think the CEF website will be very helpful. I plan to pull a few others from our church into this discussion now that I have a few ideas and places to research. Thank you again! You have been so helpful! God bless! Heidi

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      • I’m glad some of the information was helpful! It is kind of a tough ministry to plan for with the majority of curriculum focused on an inside-the-church VBS, so not much on mercy ministry. If you do teach on stories related to Jesus’ life, then you actually have the greatest minister of mercy there ever was 🙂 Plus, if you do go with a 5-part CEF curriculum and you wanted to substitute one of the stories with another (i.e. the “Good Samaritan” story), then you could always try to print up your own picture flashcards or something – just a suggestion. Hope the planning goes well and that you are able to get just the right materials to help! Thanks for contacting me through the blog, have a blessed day!

  2. The outline from your leaders manual looked very good but when I tried opening up the power point there was a strange font that did not allow me to properly read it. Is it possible to get the power point elsewhere? Thank you!!

    • Hey Ruth, thanks for letting me know about the font error! If you click Ctrl+A on each page, then change the font to something your version of Power Point accepts, will that work? Sorry for the inconvenience, but let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll try to form an update with a more common font.

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