Book Review: Church Planter by Darrin Patrick

When one hears the words “church planter” there may be several ideas that could come to mind. For those who passionately pursuit what they believe to be God’s calling on their lives as church planters, I do not think I could recommend a better “foundational” book on church planting. Additionally, I find this book to be of great worth for others who may or may not be lead church planters but have a desire as to see their churches take further steps into reaching their communities with the Gospel. Therefore, I will give a succinct overview of the book to offer impressions of Patrick’s propositions on church planting.

First of all, Darrin Patrick divides his book into a very logical, 3-part book: (1) The man, (2) The message, and (3) The mission. While there was definitely plenty of overlap in material that is taught in a pastoral theology/church administration class at a typical Bible college/seminary and the first two chapters of this book, I believe having an overview of the “man” and “message” is crucial in figuring out one’s “mission.” The entire book is filled with a careful explanation of biblical texts as well as personal illustrations; I would say they are evenly balanced. Here and there I would disagree with something said (or at least ponder sentences), but that happens in every book. One of the criticisms I would say that is worth pointing out is that this book just scratches the surface of the “mission” for the church planter. What I mean is that while the first two chapters provide a great introduction for church planting, I would also say that a sequel is somewhat necessary. Perhaps that is Darrin Patrick’s purpose of this book, that it would be a useful tool towards those in consideration of planting churches to provide a good foundation for further study. Nonetheless, I was greatly benefited from my reading of Church Planter, and would recommend it others to evaluate and glean from.


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