Book Review: Radical Together by David Platt

Caution: Don’t read this blog post or Platt’s book “Radical Together” if you want to stay comfortable with the way that you are living as a Christian. Also, especially don’t read this or the book I’m reviewing if you’re a Pastor and are not desiring to start to think differently on how your church uses its money…otherwise, please enjoy it.

David Platt’s book “Radical Together” is certainly a follow up to “Radical,” a New York Times Bestseller. Many Christians will enjoy reading this, but will certainly be convicted and thinking through Platt’s propositions. Overall, “Radical Together” was quite similar to “Radical” but with a little different focus. This book, as its title suggests, was more of a church/congregational focus, though the individual is never forsaken. Also, when you read this book, you will encounter several testimonies of people who either read “Radical” and were greatly influenced, or testimonies to illustrate certain points that Platt tries making. If you’ve read “The Purpose Driven Church” by Rick Warren, I would HIGHLY recommend you read this as well. The reason being is because Platt takes essentially the exact opposite approach in building a church. While Warren is all about organizing a church service to attract the unsaved, Platt says, “we organize our worship ‘environment’ around believers, not unbelievers” (page 59). Also, while Rick Warren is all about targeting a specific people group in Saddleback, California, Platt maintains the goal for the church to reach those all around the world (chapter 5). Keep in mind, though, these are my observations.

All in all, I was tremendously impacted from this book. Platt got my attention in bringing me back to the Great Commission and the importance of making disciples of all nations. Personally, I’m not doing great in this area, and it was a much needed wake-up call. In a nutshell, this book is a call to believers to consider how they are living their lives in light of sharing the Gospel. Sometimes, we as Christians can forsake “things,” not because they are bad, but because of the urgency to share the Gospel. I recommend this book, please enjoy!


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