How to create your own Systematic Theology on Logos 4

I love Systematic Theology books from authors like Wayne Grudem, Charles Ryrie, Rolland McCune, Mark Driscoll, and many more. However, it would be certainly nice to compile a systematic theology that was developed from personal study. What would be even better if this could be done through a computer for quick accessibility and easy storage…Well, if you own Logos 4, this is very easy to do!

First, develop each major doctrine from the “clippings” section (you can always add more and change the name later). I have 10 different major doctrines such as “Bibliology,” “Christology,” “Pneumatology,” and “Ecclesiology.”

Secondly, when reading through your favorite translation and you discover a verse/passage that would be great (for example) to remember for “Eschatology,” then open up your “clipping” titled “Eschatology.” Now, highlight the passage. Finally, go to your “clipping” page and click on “add clipping” (top left).

Two things that this does. (1) This is compiling a personal Systematic Theology for present application and personal use. (2) You can journal through Logos in your devotional time (in the clipping selected, go to notes and type up a commentary).

That’s it! Now, whenever Thomas Nelson, Crossway, or Zondervan wants you to write your systematic theology series, you at least have a head start.


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