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Why do I ask this? Because Piedmont Baptist College (RIP) is now Piedmont International University. A name can be important to some people. My name is John. To me, that’s dull and boring. BUT my wife still likes it a lot! So obviously, a name is important for some people, while for others it’s just…a name. Here are a few observations of the name change I’d like for you to consider…
(1) I wasn’t around for the name change to Piedmont “Baptist” College from Piedmont “Bible” College, but I’d say that is a much greater transition than “International University.” Why? Because Baptists are messed up sinners that are saved only by God’s grace. The Bible? It’s God’s Holy Word. I think the Bible trumps “Baptist.” I’m not criticizing the people that changed it to Baptist, but just making a point.

(2) Do we make too much fuss over a name? Yes, we probably do. Just to give my personal opinion, I would’ve gone with Piedmont Biblical University, but it’s not a big deal. I go to a college…I mean a university that teaches the Bible with great care. There are probably several “Bible” or “Baptist” colleges that quite frankly are doing more harm than good when it comes to training Christian leaders. Piedmont has greatly influenced me during the past 2+ years, not because they’re a Baptist or Bible college, but the PEOPLE. I praise God for the great men and women at this school. I know they’re not perfect, they sin, and they fail…I fit in pretty well. The people of are more important than the name because the “Person” (Jesus Christ) is most important to the people.

(3) Does the fact of attending a titled Bible or Baptist college cause us to stumble in being prideful? Probably at times. It’s interesting studying particularly the Church from the Apostolic times, through the distortions of Roman Catholicism, and see how the effects still linger today…in Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Non-Denominationalists, IFCA people (that was me for 19 years!), and so on. I think sometimes we not only get caught in the Christian bubble of separating completely from our culture and community, but we get prideful because WE go to “Bible College.” True, Bible college is a blessing, but we need to be careful. I know a lot of peers that are a great influence to me, who love God, who know His Word, who want to serve God in ministry, but don’t go to Bible college. Am I better than them because I’m studying to be a pastor? Absolutely not! I’m glad I go to Piedmont, and I hope that it always offers quality Biblical education, but I must also remember that I am not superior to others because of my education.

I don’t mean to step on your toes if this is offensive or you disagree, but it was an honest impression of what I see at Piedmont. I love Piedmont and am eager to graduate, but will always be grateful for what I have learned, will learn, and how God can use my education for service. Go Piedmont!


5 thoughts on “Piedmont International University

  1. John, this is a very balanced and very truthful article. Doctrinally and theologically, we are not wavering. A name is only as good as those who bear it. Right now, “Piedmont International University” is nothing. It has no reputation, no record. We have a chance to make “Piedmont International University” one of the most biblically sound, Christlike institutions in the world IF we choose to do so…it is the daily fleshing-out of the truths we learn here that will determine whether or not God blesses Piedmont International University.

  2. John, a name is extremely important! What is it about Christ that will make all people bow the knee? His NAME (Phil 2:10). Without a name you have no identity. Without an identity you have no purpose. The new name reflects nothing of the Christian principles it teaches. The only thing that is identifiable with the new name is a geographical region (the Piedmont region), it’s accessibility to the world (International), and it’s scholastic purpose (University)… there is nothing about our Christian values in education.

  3. Thank you for the input everyone. “Highsixwilliams”…Clearly, we have differences in opinion. First of all, you said “the new name reflects nothing of the Christian principles it teaches,” but you ended “there is nothing about our Christian values in education.” So, are you saying that Piedmont will no longer teach Christian principles simply because we changed our name? Also, we didn’t take out Jesus, Christ, God, or the Bible out of our name, we took out “Baptist.” That’s a man-made denominational association. I wasn’t a Baptist for 19 years, and quite frankly, I could care less what denomination someone else is, what I care about is how he/she views Jesus Christ. Piedmont teaches Christ, proclaims Christ, and is still a Baptist college in doctrine with a different name. Finally, Piedmont is still a technical “Bible college” in the sense that every single student will receive a BA in Bible in the undergraduate program. I’d love to see Piedmont grow and offer programs like computer science, engineering, business, accounting, etc. You know why, because this would provide thousands of opportunities with “tent-making” ministries. This could allow people to receive a great Bible foundation while learning a skill that they enjoy. Not everybody is gifted at pastoring or teaching. I understand you still probably disagree, but remember, Piedmont is still a Bible-focused university. Thanks

  4. Really excited about the name change and some of the great stuff the school is doing!

    Names are important in identifying the object, but can’t be the only determining factor. Take the example already given of Christ. We will bow to the one that hold the title Messiah, but it it’s not the title or name that we are bowing to. Everyone will bow because of who the Messiah intrinsically is – God and man. In addition, believers will also recognize what He has done for us – made salvation possible. The same is true with PIU- they will ultimately be judged not by the name (although they will be identified by it), they will ultimately be judged by who they intrinsically are as an institution and what their faculty and graduates do for the cause of Christ.

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