Logos 4 Bible Software

When I first purchased Logos “Scholar’s Edition,” I thought I was getting a useful tool to use for preaching, researching, and studying…Well, I didn’t fully realize how much of a help Logos would be. I can research a topic like “Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane” (which I recently studied for a paper) and get a LOT of help. The amount of resources available are just overwhelming and will be so helpful to me both now and in the future. I have used 3 Bible software programs in the past, and Logos is miles ahead of the competition. For those that honestly cannot afford Logos, e-sword is very good and FREE. Another program, Glo Bible Software, is pretty decent. What makes Glo distinct would probably be the graphics, not necessarily the tools available. I wouldn’t say that Glo is a poor Bible software program, there just aren’t enough tools for Bible research. For example, there’s only the NIV study notes for commentary help. If you want to have fun with a software program, and maybe if you work with a youth group and want some great visuals or graphical walk-throughs (which, by the way are pretty cool), then Glo might be good to look into. A third program I’ve used is Bible Explorer 4. This is a slight step above e-sword, and is pretty cheap (I bought mine for just 10 bucks). This comes with some pretty good commentaries and word studies, but is nowhere close to the power of Logos 4. Therefore, I’d say if you can afford it, invest in Logos. Especially if you’re busy like me, working, married, getting a degree, serving at a church. This will not only save time, but will strengthen your research and study. I would highly recommend Logos 4 already to anyone who is serious about proper exegesis of God’s Word.


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